Be on the safe-side with PiggyBox

PiggyBox’s origins are in crowdsourcing. It allows you to become a member of a
thriving community that unlocks content worldwide and helps keep the internet transparent for all!

Noa Vilenski

What is PiggyBox really?

The PiggyBox, gathers publicly available information throughout the web through it’s network, constructed of millions of connected users. Businesses and organizations you rely on everyday, use this information to provide you various advantages such as competitive prices, research or even find the job of your dreams. 

Need an example? Ever tried to look for a good flight deal? Prices for online tickets can differ based on location, travel websites connect to PiggyBox’s network and get the best deal possible through millions of connected users around the world.

What does it mean for me?

Once connected, your IP address becomes a part of a growing network that supports internet transparency. Many large companies need publicly available web information (for example, product prices and reviews) for detailed research and financial analysis. But in many cases, when companies use their own IP address to browse the Internet, they can get inaccurate data.

This is where the PiggyBox comes in. It allows Bright Data to anonymously download the public web data needed using your home’s IP address. This helps companies see the web as regular users see it – which ensures complete and accurate data.

Here are some examples of how the PiggyBox can help Bright Data’s  customers:

To protect their brand: Are sites selling fake versions of my product?

To protect their users: Are advertisers showing ads for products I don’t allow (e.g. firearms)?

To offer the best prices: What are the real prices?

BrightData helps them get accurate information, which helps companies expand their databases and improve their products, services and pricing.

Our software also measures Internet speed and response time of major sites. This helps make the Internet faster for everyone.

Is it safe for me to connect Piggybox to my home-Internet connection?

The PiggyBox only ever has access to your IP number – nothing more! 

It uses unused bandwidth to anonymously download public web data directly from the Internet. It doesn’t know anything about you or your browsing activity. 

Using technology to do good

PiggyBox is owned by Bright Data, it’s Bright Initiative provides academic institutions & public bodies with pro-bono access to leading data technology and expertise to drive positive change.

Download our 2021 impact report

I want to apply for the PiggyBox!

Now, not only can you contribute to better prices and services from companies across the board, but you can also get paid. Every month!

Use it to pay for your subscriptions or save up for that special bucket list experience. Want to do more good? Pick a charity to contribute the money to!

Once you apply, we will review your request and send a box to connect
, payment is transferred automatically so it’s straightforward plug & forget!

Apply NOW! (Due to the over whelming demand, PiggyBox is currently out of stock)


Noa Vilenski